Randomly browsing through some British model agency websites, looking for some new faces to post on here, and stumbled upon the portfolio of a guy that was on my course at uni. I remember saying to a friend of his, that he should consider modelling, and by the looks of things he’s been signed to a decent agency. His portfolio is ok, there’s a few too many dud images, he’s much better looking in person. It will be so weird seeing his face everywhere if he books a major campaign. 

Source: blackmalemodels

LFW started today and whilst I don’t have tickets or any official invites, I’d still like to go anyways, just to hang around and people watch, and see if I can spot and photograph any models for this blog.

Only thing is, if I’m honest, I’m slightly apprehensive about approaching people because I don’t really know how the models I post perceive this blog (if they’re even aware of it!) or how they perceive their online fanbase. I’ve had positive feedback from a few British models, just mainly saying thanks for the support which has been nice. Posting editorials, and runway pictures is one thing, but actively seeking out these models is another, and I’m not sure its a line they want bloggers to cross.

I do understand that modelling is just a career to most models, and appreciate that it’s probably a weird feeling knowing people around the world are looking at/lusting after pictures of you 24/7. Not that I’m comparing models to royalty, but the recent Will & Kate topless photos scandal sheds light on issues of privacy concerning people in the public eye.

I’m aiming to be around LFW venues on Sunday and possible Monday, and I guess I’ll just see how it goes. 

Source: blackmalemodels

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