ANTM Cycle 20 (I remember when Cycle 1 came out, good lord I’m old) to feature Male Models!

What do you guys think??

Male followers - would any of you consider applying?

Source: blackmalemodels

  1. fafini answered: I hate taht show and Tyra. the only thing worthy is Rob Evans… so give me more of that and I will watch.
  2. obelynn answered: Wait & See
  3. uguucutie answered: Ahhh it’s gonna be a whole new level and view, can’t wait!!
  4. marcosconcha answered: I would apply… but i live in Chile :(
  5. imjustadrianjohnson answered: I AM GOING TO APPLY! But sadly I don’t think I will make it. BUT I AM GOING TO TRY MY HARDEST!!
  6. djonah101 answered: Yeah! It’d be a great opportunity. Just the tv part *shudder*
  7. the-ice-prince answered: OMFG REALLY OMG
  8. taggediconic answered: about time lbr
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