POLL RESULTS - Who would you like to be marooned on a desert island with??


A week or so ago, I posted this incredibly important and culturally relevant question:

You and a male model are marooned together, completely alone , on a desert island. Who would you want it to be?

Here are some of your answers:

  • fafini answered: Rob Evans
  • lostintheworldofmusic answered: Rob Evans or Rob Evans. Or Rob Evans.
  • deux-luxe answered: Harry Uzoka
  • cremede-laacreme answered: Rob Evans!!!!!!!!!
  • dnfdb answered: hehe. i love how every answer is different. and you KNOW mine…;) (aka Tidiou M’Baye, or judging by her earlier post maybe Ysham Jackson!)
  • swevven answered: tyson beckford he looks strong enough to fight off predators
  • vi-shnu answered: marlonnnnnnn teixiera <3
  • capturing-smallwonders answered: I cant choose somewhere between Simon Nessman - Francisco Lachowski - Julian Shratter
  • venusinleo answered: ROB EVANS
  • ma-cachette answered: Adonis Bosso!

Perhaps unsurprisingly Rob Evans was the most popular choice. Maybe its the British accent, maybe its the muscles that could easily shake down a coconut tree, fight off wild animals, or build a getaway boat from leaves - (although if you were stranded alone on an island with Rob Evans, why the heck would you want him to be building a getaway boat??!)

My personal choice would have to be Ruben Amen. First of all he’s gorgeous to look at. Second; he studied Neuroscience, so we could have interesting conversations (over a romantic campfire haha) and he could use his science smarts to build us suitable shelter. Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, he’s gorgeous to look at!

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    I have a few theories as to why he won…….I’d choose Harry.
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